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Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

Yeomans Avenue, Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 3EF


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SATS Attainment Results

As a parent you will naturally be interested in how well Wood End is performing as a School in relation to government strategy and targets set for the primary school sector.

The content of the new National Curriculum is more challenging, and the expected standards in turn require a higher level of skills, application and understanding than the old 'level' system. Our results are very high compared to the National figures.  As you would expect, across the whole school, we are very proud of the hard work and positive commitment our children have demonstrated in their learning.

Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment (2017) 

% Expected or better Wood End National
Reading 98% 76% 
Writing 92% 68% 
Mathematics 92% 75%


Key Stage 2 SATS Results 2017

Working at the expected standard Working at Greater Depth Average Scaled Score Progress
Reading 93% (Nat 71% )  64% (Nat 24%)  111.6 +3.1 
Maths 93% (Nat 75%)  68% (Nat 24%)  110.4  +2.5 
Writing 88% (Nat 76%)  49% (Nat 18%) N/A  +0.6
 GPS 92% (Nat 77%) 63% (Nat 31%) N/A N/A
RWM Combined 83% (Nat 61%)  41% (Nat 7%)  N/A   N/A


 In addition

Please note that no national target is currently set for science at Key Stage 2.

You can access the full attainment results at Key Stage 2 for Wood End School here: 
Attainment Tables provided by the Department of Education.

The National Curriculum Online web site that provides more detailed information about each subject area, statutory guidelines, attainment targets and the description of the levels against which attainment is measured.

For more information about the national curriculum and the key stages and assessments, you can also follow this link to:
DirectGov (web site of the UK Government)