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Welcome to our Year 5 page 

Our class teachers are Mrs Moore (Sycamore Class) and Miss Lore (Willow Class)  

Curriculum letter autumn term 2018

Welcome Presentation 2018

Kingswood Presentation PE-Presentation-West Runton.pp.


 There will be no more formal homework this term although we do expect the children to keep up with their reading and times tables rockstars.                                                           

Moon  Diaries

As part of our Science and Topic work we have been looking at the phases of the Moon. To support this we would like the children to complete a Moon Diary. This will entail the children looking each day at the Moon and recording their observations in terms of the shape of the part of the Moon that is visible and what this phase is called. They may draw or photograph what they can see and present their findings in whatever format they like, we will be displaying these in the classrooms at the end of the 28 day period. The diaries need to be brought into school the week commencing 10th December. Vocabulary they need to use includes New Moon, Full Moon, Waxing and Waning Cresent, Waxing and Waning Gibbous. If there is any day on which they are unable to see the Moon, for instance because of cloud cover, this should also be recorded.   

Christmas Play - the children need to be in school at 6pm today (Wednesday) and need to be collected from outside their classroom door at 7.40 pm, thank you.  Christmas production song words.pdf



We do expect children to read regularly at home for 10 mins a day as this has a big impact on their learning.  Other  homework set is there to support and consolidate work in school.  We do not expect work at home to take longer than the maximum time given.  We understand that on occasion e.g. the family going away for the weekend that homework may not be completed on time.   If work isn't completed at home we give opportunity for this to be completed in school.



Useful Websites

    rockstars      Practice your Times Tables with Rock Stars log-on link
Active Learn Abacus Active Learn to support maths learning at home

  Log-ons for both the above sites will be given to the children by the teacher.


Squared Paper    Lined Paper

Spellings ( Year 3 & 4 key words), these formed the basis of our recent testingYear 3 & 4 Key Words Spelling Assessment 2.pdf

Year 3 & 4 Key Words Spelling Assessment 1.pdf

Year 3 and 4 spelling words.pdf

Year 5 and 6 spelling words.pdf

We have attached details of the spelling patterns we will be covering this year. They may not be covered in the order stated but will form the basis of our spelling lessons, which scheme is followed will depend on which group your child is in.Spelling patterns.pdf

Year 3 and 4 spelling dictations.pdf

Year 5 and 6 spelling dictation sheets.pdf

Year 5 Enterprise Sale - Friday 9th November 2018

Friday November 9th saw a packed Enterprise Sale with over 60 stalls and activities, with something for everyone. The Year 5 children once again came up with some excellent ideas and produced a range of innovative games, delicious home baked produce and handicrafts, including Christmas decorations and beautifully scented lavender bags. With the support of their families and everyone that came along after school on Friday to make it such a successful event, the children raised in excess of £860. We will let you know which exciting resources we will be purchasing as a school to further enrich the learning environment. Thanks to all those who contributed and attended this successful event.

Year 5 Visit to Kingswood Activity Centre - Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The Year 5 children really enjoyed their residential trip to the Kingswood Activity Centre in Cromer, Norfolk.

The children developed their independence by taking responsibility for themselves and their belongings, including successfully making their own beds!

They showed great determination and enthusiasm when participating in a wide range of activities where they were able to challenge themselves and take risks. Some of the activities that the children most enjoyed were abseiling, fencing and archery amongst others.

They spent an afternoon on a sunny and breezy beach where they created sand sculptures, searched for fossils and went rock-pooling.

It was a wonderful experience for all!

Year 5 Visit to National Space Centre - Wednesday 7th November 2018

On Wednesday Year 5 enjoyed a very interesting and enjoyable trip to The National Space Centre in Leicester. The children had the opportunity to programme space buggies; learn about becoming an astronaut and explore the information galleries. The visit concluded with a very bumpy, exciting trip to Jupiter in a space simulator. The children behaved beautifully while representing the school, and we received compliments about their enthusiastic participation.